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DeLever APC Revision Guides

DeLever APC Revision Guides Explained

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Quick Start your APC revision with a DeLever APC Revision Guide written by DeLever Expert Coaches from your Pathway.  


Take the opportunity to reflect upon your specific competencies and develop your knowledge base to a standard required for the APC Final Assessment


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The Facilitator - JT (JayTee)...

  • The DeLever APC Revision Guides are managed and orders fulfilled by (JayTee) our resident APC assessment centre expert and RICS ARC online system expert.

  • JT worked for RICS for 10 years and while he was there he managed various final assessment centres.

  • JT has also spent over 12 months administering ARC and dealing with user queries.

  • Why not drop JT a line if you have any questions about our APC Presentation Package?

Excellent study resource. This helped me to test my knowledge and highlight gaps, in the least amount of time.

N.O. MRICS - APC Candidate Session 2, 2017

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We have a growing Portfolio of Revision Guides.  Please choose the guide(s) you want and follow the payment procedure.  If you have any queries please contact [email protected]

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Purchasers of the DeLever APC Health & Safety Guide gave the guide a 92% thumbs up and all were highly likely to recommend the guides to their colleagues and contacts...

APC Candidates Session 1, 2018




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IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

  • The DeLever APC Revision Guide(s) have been created by DeLever from Jon Lever's* & DeLever APC Expert Consultant's* vast APC experience and current best practice thinking and engagement.  You purchase and use this product at your own risk.

  • DeLever APC Revision Guides Single User Licence - DeLever have produced this product on a single user licence basis.

  • DeLever APC Revision Guides Cancellation of Order and Refunds - Please note we are happy to cancel and refund an order as long as the product has not been dispatched.  Once dispatched we do not offer any returns or refunds unless the product arrives so badly damaged that it is unuseable for the purpose it is intended for.


* Please note the revision guide content is produced by experienced APC Assessor(s) and are meant for use in addition to other APC revision material and/or techniques. However, the guides do not guarantee that you will pass the real APC.


  • IMPORTANT Revision Guides produce by others, but appear on this page (eg. APC Taylormade) - Any issues, cancellation or refunds need to be addressed directly with the party you purchased them from.  DeLever cannot assist you with this.  Sorry.

aV-iEIOfZulZNVj4meP-gKQIKms Revision Guide 250c H&S QA Practice Guide 300 H&S Study Guide 300 aV-iEIOfZulZNVj4meP-gKQIKms
  • RICS Competency Details

  • Competency Introduction

  • Scope of the Competency

  • Surveying Safely

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

  • CDM Regulations 2015

  • CDM 2015 Duty holders and Responsibilities

  • Control of Asbestos Substances

  • Candidate Knowledge & Experience Test

  • RICS Competency Details

  • Questions Only - Test Your knowledge

  • Question & Answer – Revise Your Knowledge

  • Further Reading

Health & Safety

Study Guide

Competency Study

Revision Material

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£34.99 (ex fees & vat)


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Q&A Practice guide

Competency Study

Revision Material

£45.30 (incl fees & vat)

£34.99 (ex fees & vat)


DeLever Network Member Price (join the network)

£26.14 (incl fees & vat)

£19.99 (ex fees & vat)

Buy Both

£72.99 (incl fees & vat)

£60.00 (ex fees & vat)


DeLever Network Member Price

£45.32 (incl fees & vat)

£35.00 (ex fees & vat)



Contract Practice (coming soon)


Commercial Property, Residential & Valuation - Quick Start Revision Guides from APC Taylormade

  • Final submission

  • Rules, Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Inspection

  • Valuation

  • Measurement

  • Local Taxation

  • Property Records

  • Building Pathology

  • Conflict Avoidance

  • Landlord and Tenant

  • Leasing and letting

  • Property management

  • Purchase and sale

  • Development appraisals

Commerical Property Revision Guide RICS APC


PLEASE Purchase directly from APC Taylormade


Buy your APC Tayormade Revision Guides IMG_20170405_083258

Residential Revision Guide RICS APC


PLEASE Purchase directly from APC Taylormade


contract practice

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