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APC Revision Workshop

Pathway Specific Revision...


Spend a focused revision day with a DeLever APC Expert Coach from your Pathway.  Take the opportunity to reflect on your specific

competencies and submission documents

with an active and highly experienced APC

Assessor / Chair.


We keep the Revision Workshop delegate numbers low to ensure the best possible engagement.


We are Crowd Funding this event and working closely with you to provide the best quality APC training at a fantastic price...


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Crowd Funding

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Crowd Funding 250c

1. Check the Revision Workshop details below and choose which location you would like to attend.

2. Register your interest for FREE and be a part of our Crowd Funding community

3. Tell everyone you know and work with us to maximise each event registrations, to achieve the best value price point (see table on the right)

4. We will confirm the final crowd funded price level about two weeks before the event

5. We then see you at the event venue LIVE and you attend and engage with us and ask your questions


We hope that all makes sense...


Over to you to raise awareness and  engage with your colleagues and contacts and lets see what we can achieve.  Providing you with some of the best quality and value APC training available.


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Registering for a DeLever Crowd Funded event means you are committing to pay at the price point achieved for the event.  Please talk to all your contacts and help us to achieve the best possible value for our APC Revision Workshop.

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Revision Crowd Funding Price Points

Registration fee = £FREE

01 to 05 Registrations = £295 ticket

06 to 10 Registrations = £245 ticket

11 to 15 Registrations = £225 ticket

16 to 20 Registrations = £195 ticket

All prices exclude fees & vat

Crowd Funding 250c

How to book your APC Revision Workshop?

APC Revision Workshop Registration - Tickets from £295 to £195 excl fees and vat

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Crowd Funding Price Point LIVE Status

uk outline map 2 Bristol London - L&P

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Milton Keynes - L&P

APC Revision Workshop Agenda

  • 08:00 Registration

  • Competency Revision

  • Case Study Report

  • Competency Revision / Document Review

  • Presentation Presentation

  • Competency Revision / Document Review

  • Final Assessment & Mock Interview Film

  • Competency Revision / Document Review

  • Question & Answer Session

  • 18:00 Close

Plus the fun stuff...

  • Revision Workshop resource pack

  • DeLever Network dedicated group for instant discussion before, during and after

  • Access to the following streamed video titles for 1 month

  • Rules of Conduct (Normally £15/week)

  • Professional Ethics (Normally £15/week)

  • APC Presentation Explained (Normally £15/week)

  • The oppotunity to learn and engage in a fun and relaxed environment with some of the major APC experts in the world!

  • Special Offer discounts

Manchester Weehelper

The table above displays the current Revision Workshop price based upon the number of registrations received.

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Revision Workshop 250c

Full house!


  • Speakers 100%

  • Topics 100%

  • Location 100%

  • Expectation 100%

Milton Keynes - BE London - BE backtotop backtotop


All of our REVISION WORKSHOPS are CPD relevant.  It is, however, up to you if you think you have had a learning outcome then record it as FORMAL.  If not then definitely INFORMAL.