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APC Revision Workshop

Pathway Specific Revision...


Spend a focused revision day with a DeLever APC Expert Coach from your Pathway.  Take the opportunity to reflect on your specific

competencies and submission documents

with an active and highly experienced APC

Assessor / Chair.


We keep the Revision Workshop delegate numbers low to ensure the best possible engagement.


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APC Revision Workshop Registration - Tickets cost £195 excl fees and vat

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APC Revision Workshop Agenda

APC Revision Workshop Dates - Book now...!


  • Registration

  • Welcome

  • 5 x Mandatory competencies 1 hr

  • 1 x Rules of Conduct & Ethics 1.5 hr

  • 3 x Technical  competencies 1.5 hr

  • Lunch

  • 5 x Mandatory competencies 1 hr

  • 4 x Technical competencies 2 hr

Plus the fun stuff...

  • Revision Workshop resource pack

  • DeLever Network dedicated group for instant discussion before, during and after

  • Access to the following streamed video titles for 1 month

  • Rules of Conduct (Normally £15/week)

  • Professional Ethics (Normally £15/week)

  • APC Presentation Explained (Normally £15/week)

  • APC Final Assessment ( Normally £15/week)

  • The oppotunity to learn and engage in a fun and relaxed environment with some of the major APC experts in the world!

  • Special Offer discounts

Revision Workshop 250c

Full house!


  • Speakers 100%

  • Topics 100%

  • Location 100%

  • Expectation 100%

London - BE backtotop


All of our REVISION WORKSHOPS are CPD relevant.  It is, however, up to you if you think you have had a learning outcome then record it as FORMAL.  If not then definitely INFORMAL.


7 hrs