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NEW DeLever Network

Connected = Supported!

Welcome to the DeLever Network, designed to compliment and improve your APC Journey and provide the help you need at the tips of your fingers.


At DeLever we understand the importance of being at the forefront of social media and with the simplicity of we have harnessed something quite technically brilliant and created a massive support network for all APC candidates...

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You can afford to be connected..?

DeLever and the new GDPR 2018

  • DeLever is GDPR 2018 Committed - We take Data Protection seriously and any data you provide below will be stored at DeLever within the parameters of the UK Government GDPR 2018 requirements.

  • By ticking the checkbox and clicking SUBMIT in our REGISTRATION form  you agree to allow DeLever to use your data for the purposes of the advancement of your APC training.

  • We do not sell your data to third parties. From time to time we do advertise products and services from DeLever and other solutions providers associated with DeLever.

  • If you wish to easily opt out of any emails that we send you please email with the Subject title 'OPT OUT / UNSUBSCRIBE' with a brief explanation of what you wish to be removed from.

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Network Member Feedback

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1. Download the APP, Desktop App or browse to

Slack is a FREE App for PC, Mac, smart phones and tablets. The developers are UK GDPR 2018 aware.  It is easy and intuitive to use.  There is plenty of guidance online to quickly understand how to use and maximise your benefit of slack.

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2. Register to join

Using our online DeLever Network Registration form

3. Review your options during registration

  • APC Candidates please join our APC101 groups relevant to your proposed final assessment period.

  • We also have an APC diary group for anyone using or interested in using the APC diary

  • If you decide to defer assessment we can add you to later APC101 Assessment groups.  

  • The content provided in each group will be relevant to where you are in your APC process.

  • You may join as many groups as you wish.

  • All groups are UK focused but if you wish to join your own world region group we will endeavour to offer specific content for your region.  

  • If a region is not available, contact us and we can set one up

  • Chartered members, Supervisors, Counsellors, APC Managers you can join also your own focused groups.

4. Invitation

Once you have registered, we will invite you by email, sending you a link to join your chosen group(s). This may take a few days to come through as we are always processing new registrations

You will then be able to immediately ask your APC questions and engage in our vibrant community.

5. Enjoy...

We have a great community that is always developing and growing and we hope you find our support beneficial.


Being Connected = Being Supported

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DeLever Network Etiquette

We aim to provide a professional environment, fun and relaxed, focusing on the values of community, support and friendly interaction to the benefit of all DeLever Network members.  However, we do have an online etiquette statement that we expect all DeLever Network members to observe and we will fall back to this should the need occur:

  • Be professional

  • Be polite and respectful (Remember those supporting you are industry leaders) 

  • Ask absolutely anything APC

  • Contribute your thoughts and ideas

  • Tell us about what you do but, please, NO full on sales pitches. (If you wish to advertise, first contact

  • Find out about APC events and DeLever learning and development opportunities, products and services

  • Benefit from some fantastic social media interaction

  • Tell your colleagues and contacts to join the DeLever Network so they can benefit too

  • Most of all Enjoy!

DeLever Network Administration

  • We administer the Delever Network internally.  

  • You will only be approached by DeLever representatives.  

  • We apply a light touch administration and moderation approach expecting all network members to act in a professional and courteous manner.  

  • We reserve the right to edit, amend, delete, remove and block any DeLever Network member without reason if any breaches or perceived breaches of our online etiquette and professionalism is not adhered to.


Join the NEW DeLever Network in 5 easy steps

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