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Happy New Year 2019


Coventry - Scarman House,

Warwick University*

Land & Property (CP, RES, VAL, PFI,

FM, P&D)

Monday - 1st October 2018






Built Environment (CP, RES, VAL, QS)

Monday - 22nd October 2018


DeLever Premium APC Mock Interview Package


Overview - Your Premium Mock Package

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How do YOU

measure up?

Buy your APC mock...  

Early Bird & DeLever Network Member   £396.00   incl fees & vat   (£309.40 excl fees & vat)

Late to the party, booking after 7 Sep 2018   £432.00   incl fees & vat   (£337.57 excl fees & vat)

of our mock interview candidates said they were 80+% better prepared for their APC Final Assessment in session 1, 2018


  • 'Authentic', just like the real thing!*

  • A FULL one hour APC interview

  • 20 minutes instant feedback

  • Actual RICS venues (e.g. Bolton, Coventry and Heathrow)

  • Two Active APC Assessors* (incl. an APC Competency expert from your pathway)

  • Filmed / recorded and a copy sent to you within 7 days, to aid your preparation and revision

  • A dedicated DeLever meet and greet with JT (JayTee) at the venue

  • Pre-mock briefing exactly like the real APC assessment

  • Half hour post interview venue 'chill down' and Q&A session with JT including refreshments and snacks

  • Access to a DeLever Network Private online instant messaging Mock Interview group for queries after your mock

  • 1.5 hrs Formal CPD The Mock Interview focuses on your declared competencies, perfect revision practice

  • Free parking Take all the time in the world, no issues, no rush, no stresses...

Bolton - Macron Stadium*


Land & Property (CP, RES, VAL, PFI,

FM, P&D)

Monday - 24th September 2018






Built Environment (BS, PM, QS, PM)

Monday - 15th October 2018

We have been advising candidates for years about the importance of reducing stress and that could be something as simple as visiting the actual RICS assessment centres at least a week in advance of the real final assessment date!   So, now you can at a DeLever mock interview! 

Detail - How the DeLever Mock Interview process works...

The Facilitator - JT (JayTee)...

  • The DeLever Mocks are managed and facilitated by JT (JayTee) our resident APC assessment centre expert and RICS ARC online system expert.

  • JT worked for RICS for 10 years and while he was there he managed various final assessment centres.

  • JT has also spent over 12 months administering ARC and dealing with user queries.

  • Why not drop JT a line if you have any questions about our mocks?

1. Choose your mock interview location and date.  

Click the buy button next to it.  The list of available pathways are also noted next to the location.  An 'Eventbrite' window will open on screen and you will be shown the details regarding the mock location you have selected.

2. Choose your mock interview time slot.

Once you have selected your location and date, please decided which time you would like to sit your mock interview?  We have 5 available interview slots per panel.  Select the ticket and complete the booking form as best you can and then pay the fee. Terms and Conditions are below and in the ticket.


Please note: You must ensure you have paid prior to attending your mock interview.  Thank you.


3. Send us a copy of your submission documents as soon as you are able

Once you have booked your mock interview, please email a single PDF copy of your ACTUAL submission documentation to JT.

jt@DeLever.com | +44 (0)1234 780142 arrow

4. Attend your mock interview

We will send you a reminder nearer your selected date.  You can download joining instructions here, as a PDF, and we will confirm if any changes occur.


5. Feedback / critique on your performance

We will provide immediate feedback after your mock interview and we will send you a copy of your mock interview film within 7 days of your mock interview.

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

  • A 60 minute APC mock interview with DeLever real and current APC expert assessors/chairs. The DeLever APC mock interview, hosted at real RICS locations, is as close to the real thing as we can make it. The interview questioning will be based on your actual and personal APC submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment. The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.**  

  • Both the mock interview and the assessor feedback session will be filmed / recorded so that you can review your performance and the questions asked and plan revision more effectively.  The recording of your mock and feedback session will be emailed to you within 7 days after your mock interview.***

  • Email Your Actual Submission document to jt@DeLever.com - We will need your documents sent to us preferably 2 weeks in advance of your mock interview.

  • DeLever requires a minimum of 3 bookings in order to run a mock interview panel. In the event there are not enough bookings we will offer you a place with a different panel which may also be a different location, date and time. We may also offer you an online mock interview option or a full refund.  We will always endeavour to run our mock interviews on the published dates and times but worse case we will let you know no less than one week before a scheduled mock interview.

  • Cancellation / change of date - Please select your mock interview date and location carefully.  If you wish to cancel or move your mock interview, less than 1 (one) month from your originally booked date, DeLever will only be able to provide a refund if we can resell the mock interview place to another candidate, because we will have already committed the venue and assessor costs by this time.


** Please note the assessor(s) provide their comments on the basis of your performance at the mock interview. However, this does not guarantee that you will pass the real APC, nor that an identical assessment will be made by the Assessors at the real final assessment as this is always dependent upon your performance on the day.


*** The recordings are provided on the basis that the recording equipment functions perfectly.  Should there be a malfunction DeLever have certain back-up systems in place and should be able to provide you with an audio recording.




Overview Detail Facilitator

My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue.

APC Candidate Session 2, 2017

they say...




The advice given gave clear light to where I needed to channel my revision. I felt that they gave me confidence making sure I wasn't missing the easy wins and showed me clearly where I need to improve and be ready for the big day.

APC Candidate Session 2, 2017



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London - Park Inn Heathrow*


Land & Property (CP, RES, VAL, PFI,

FM, P&D)

Monday - 8th October 2018






Built Environment (BS, PM, QS, PM)

Monday - 29th October 2018

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You Pay the price you see, no hidden charges

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86% of DeLever Mock Interview candidates did their mock interview between

2 and 4 weeks before their real final assessment...

APC Candidates Session 1, 2018




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* Stress Management!

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Cambridge - Holiday Inn Express


Land & Property (Rural) and Built Environemnt (QS, PM)




Saturday - 20th October 2018

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How do YOU

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of our mock interview candidates said they were 80+% better prepared for their APC Final Assessment.