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DeLever APC Process and Competency Online Masterclasses

Overview - The Masterclasses Explained

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APC Process Masterclass Topics

Please note, each Masterclass is individually priced

  • Professional, Online, Live, Interactive and in Real-Time, our webinars provide learning opportunities for 1000's of APC candidates, each on their own unique APC Journey.

  • We have enjoyed providing Masterclasses for over ten years and we always get a fantastic response from everyone who connect with us from all over the world and appreciate the interaction and support.

  • We will be covering the following topics

  • APC Process competencies

  • APC Mandatory competencies

  • APC Technical competencies

  • Hot topic subject updates


Missed a Live Masterclass?  See our Resources > Recordings

Detail - How the DeLever Online Live Masterclasses work...

Attending your online Masterclass

Once you have booked your online Masterclass, we will send you booking confirmation and a few days before the event we will send you a link to access the online webinar system.  If you don't receive the link 24 hours or more before the Masterclass scheduled delivery date and time, please contact [email protected].


If you pay to attend one of our live Masterclasses, whether you attend or not, you will receive a link a few days after the Masterclass enabling you to watch the Masterclass recording free for a limited 24 hour period.  The 24 hour FREEVIEW

period will start when you enable the link.  The link is generally valid for a few weeks.


If you attend a free live Masterclass we do not provide any FREEVIEW period


Copies of Masterclass recordings are made available to purchase and stream in our Resources > Recordings section

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

  • Cancellation - If you decide to cancel your paid for Masterclass booking you can do so by contacting   [email protected]  no later than 24 hours prior to the Masterclass, for a full refund, no questions asked.   If you contact us less than 24 hours prior to the Masterclass we cannot offer you a refund.  But, if a recording of the Masterclass is available we will send you the Freeview link as normal for paid for Masterclasses.

  • Non-Attendance - If you are unable to attend your paid for Masterclass or just decide not to attend we cannot offer you a refund.  But, if a recording of the Masterclass is available we will send you the Freeview link as normal for paid for Masterclasses.

  • Change of date - If we decide to change the date of the Masterclass we will inform you of the new date and if you chose to attend your ticket will be transferred to the new date.  If you decide not to attend the rescheduled date we will provide you with a full refund, or transfer your ticket to an alternative Masterclass or access to the original Masterclass recording when we publish it.

  • Paid for Masterclasses receive a 24hr Freeview period soon after the Masterclass.  The recording is then available for sale.

  • Free Masterclasses DO NOT receive a Freeview period.  The recording will be made available for sale.

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Jon Lever's APC experience:

20+ years APC Training

1000's of Candidates trained

1500+ Assessments

7500+ Assessors trained

and 'he' delivers our Masterclasses!

Easy, bite size learning at your place...

Masterclass 250c

Please Note: All Masterclass start times are UK based times

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You Pay the price you see, no hidden charges

30.03.20 - 8am - APC 6 Year Rule Explained - £19.76 15.05.20 - 12pm - APC Case Study - £19.76 24.03.20 - 5pm - How to Write your Competencies Properly - £19.76 06.03.20 - 8am - Mandatory - Accounting Principles & Proc. - £19.76 06.03.20 - 12pm - APC Submission (Built Environment) - £19.76 19.03.20 - 8am - Mandatory - Communication & Negotiation - £19.76 19.03.20 - 5pm - Mandatory - Client Care - £19.76 24.03.20 - 12pm - Mandatory - Health & Safety - £19.76 30.03.20 - 5pm - Mandaotry - Data Management - £19.76 07.04.20 - 12pm - Mandatory - Sustainability - £19.76 24.04.20 - 12pm - RICS Rules of Conduct - £19.76 14.04.20 - 8am - APC Final Assessment - £19.76 06.03.20 - 8:45am - Mandatory - Business Planning - £19.76 19.03.20 - 12pm - Mandatory - Conflict Avoidance, Management... - £19.76 07.04.20 - 5pm - Mandatory - Inclusive Environments - £19.76 14.04.20 - 12pm - APC Final Assessment Presentation - £19.76 14.04.20 - 5pm - APC Presentation Workshop - £19.76 24.04.20 - 5pm - RICS Professional Ethics - £19.76 28.04.20 - 12pm - APC Final Assessment Presentation - £19.76 28.04.20 - 5pm - Mandatory - Diversity, Inclusion & Teamworking - £19.76 01.05.20 - 5pm - APC Presentation Workshop - £19.76

APC Session 1 Live Masterclass Special

Up to 65% SAVING

We pretty much have had enough of the whole brexit issue. We appreciate it is still a bit of a challenge for some. So, this APC Sesion ALL of our Live  Masterclasses are fixed at


each to attend LIVE.

(£15 + Fees & VAT)

Normally £25 to £45

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