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APC Journey

Starting your APC on the right footing is critical for your success.  Knowing what you should do at every step of the way, where to start, where you are at any point in the process and how to finish in style, is key!


We meet many people from many different APC Routes and Pathways and each one has a unique APC Journey to travel.  We provide training and support at every step of your APC Journey.  


Take a stroll through your APC Journey below.

Please ask if you are unsure about anything, however small or insignificant you may feel it is...


How we can help you today?

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APC Training & Support Explained


All of our products and services are based upon:

  • At least 20 years of APC Mentoring and Assessing experience

  • Delivery of over 1,500 APC interviews / mock interviews, so far...

  • Training of over 7,000 RICS members to become APC Assessors

                      ...and that's just Jon Lever’s experience!  


Add to that over 20 DeLever APC Expert Coaches and you can probably multiply Jon's 20 years of APC experience ten fold!  We have tried and tested each of the following products and services and know they will be of great benefit to you:

Saving you time,  Focusing your efforts and Giving You Quicker access to MRICS


Unsure about anything? Just Ask!

APC Employer Fitness Review - FREE Consultation

  • Have you considered looking inward to see if you, as an employer, can actually facilitate and support the APC properly?  

  • At DeLever we, collectively, amongst our APC Expert Coaches, have over 200 years experience in APC and know a thing of two about how to get off on the right foot and support the APC.  

  • We offer this service for as a FREE two hour consultation, at your offices, with all relevant APC parties present to have a general discussion about how you can best achieve the process and competencies.  

  • We provide guidance, advice and tips on best practice and of course we can discuss with you about how DeLever products and services can lighten the load and enable your staff to become Chartered as soon as practically possible.  


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

myAPC diary online management tool

  • Want to save over 60% of your APC administration and management time?  

  • Engage candidates, supervisors and counsellors in a smart online system?  

  • The myAPC diary steps neatly into the breech between managing the process manually and creating the content for the APC final assessment submissions, ready to copy and paste into RICS templates or Assessment Resource Centre (ARC).  


Here is a list of features:

  • APC Process and management tool incorporating all parties

  • Online browser based SMART system

  • Candiate APC Experience Recording Suite

  • Supervisor monitor module

  • Counsellor monitor module

  • Diary & Automatic Logbook

  • CPD Recording & Log

  • Summary of Experience Record

  • GDPR & DDA compliant

  • 98% fully functional and sever up time

  • Intutitive & easy to manage

  • Fully editable content – Revisit and change data any time

  • Designed by an APC Assessor, Chair, Candidate

  • Sign-offs and error checking (linked to Summary or Experience)

  • Proactive free technical support and online training

  • Follows RICS APC Candidate guidance to the letter

  • Snapshot experience progress reports

  • Candidate timeline / chronology

  • Diary error checking

  • Summary of Experience with real time word counts

  • CPD Error checking

  • Candidate monitoring and auto-prompting if non-use

  • Supervisor and Counsellor auto-prompting if candidate non use continues

  • Ability to back up data personally / locally

  • Ability to output data for editing and uploading to ARC

  • Free monthly online webinar live training sessions


Check out the FREE one month fully functional use, here:

The myAPC diary is a subscription based product. For the price of a sandwich and a coffee once a month you can have peace of mind that you are doing your APC properly and as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Subscription rate deals for multiple candidates.


Interested in this product?  Just ask!

60% Saving

in APC administration time, with an intuitive user interface designed to get you to your assessment asap

APC Process Workshop

  • These workshops are half or whole day events

  • Delivered in various locations

  • Easily tailored for public or corporate client requirements

  • Often bundled together into effective APC days over a 6 to 12 month APC Journey.


Some of our popular titles include

  • APC Process Explained

  • APC Templates

  • APC Competency Levels

  • APC Case Study

and so on...


Interested in these products?  Just Ask!

APC FREE Supervisor & Counsellor Training

It is so important to get a candidate's APC Journey off on the right footing with our FREE Supervisor and Counsellor Training.

  • Sponsored by DeLever

  • A FREE 5 month programme of bite size training for supervisors and counsellors.  

  • We run this FREE programme twice a year through our online Masterclass system.  

  • If you want to make sure you are up to speed on the whole APC process, then these FREE Masterclasses are a must.

  • Each Masterclass is delivered by APC Expert Jon Lever FRICS


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Progress Reviews

  • Delivered as 1 to 1 sessions or half or whole day events

  • We have over 20 APC Expert Coaches from nearly all of the APC Pathways.  

  • With this fantastic resource we are able to provide regular progress reviews

  • If required we can also consider providing the Counsellor role if your firm is unable to facilitate this.  

  • Our progress reviews take the APC Journey apart and look at how the candidate is progressing, are they at the right stage, where are the gaps and pitfalls, are they ready to sit their final assessment interview as soon as practically possible.  

  • A progress review can cover many facets of the APC Journey and helps candidates ACE their APC in the shortest time possible focusing on each individual's unique situation.  


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Masterclasses  (DeLever Crowd Funding)

  • We have been delivering online APC Masterclasses since 2009 and we like to think we are experts at this now.  

  • Wherever you are in the world we can support you through the wonders of online technology.  

  • We crowd fund our Masterclasses to ensure we can offer you the best value

  • The more delegates get involved in our 6 monthly Masterclass Programme the better value we can offer.

  • Masterclasses are a fantastic way of building knowledge and understanding and of course the important CPD hours.

  • We cover many titles including APC Process and Mandatory Competencies for ALL APC Pathways and Technical Core and Optional competencies for a number of major APC Pathways. (The list is always growing)  

  • All delivered by DeLever APC Experts who are all actively involved in the APC process or APC Assessors / Chairs etc.  


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Case Study Workshop (Also Available as a Masterclass)

  • This delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

  • An opportunity for APC candidates to gain a full appreciation of the case study project selection, report, structure, components and output needs to enable the candidate the best possible opportunity at their final assessment.  

  • The process has changed a number of times over the last few years so it is vitally important candidates fully understand the requirements of the Case Study report and deliver the latest version.  

  • The Case Study report goes on to become a focal point of the final assessment and needs to be given the respect and attention it is due to get it right first time so it does not come back to haunt you at your final assessment.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Expert Coaching

  • Our service delivery engages will all parties to the APC process and from sole practitioners to big bluechip corporates.  

  • Our business ethos is to support anyone on their APC Journey and with our great team of APC Expert Coaches we are able to do just that.

  • APC coaching can be as much or as little support as you require.  

  • We offer a free 15-20 minute consultation with one of our APC Expert Coaches, we normally match up pathways to ensure the coach is able to give you 100% correct advice, guidance and support.  

  • So, whether you are out there in the wilderness all alone or part of a large corporate APC programme, DeLever has an Expert APC coach on-side ready and able to assist you with your APC Journey.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Submission Workshop (Also Available as a Masterclass)

  • We provide workshops prior to document submission to enable candidates to bring along their documentation to find the gaps

  • Have an opportunity to discuss and review components of the report with a DeLever APC Expert Coach and fellow candidates.  

  • Our workshops look to the future assessment submission and assist with ideas and focus on what is required.

  • We run these workshops at opportune times to enable candidates to complete the final edit in good time

  • We also discuss additional key aspects of the APC that candidates should be focusing on at this time in the process.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Document Review

  • Our Expert APC Coaches provide this as a key milestone service where we remotely review a candidate’s documents prior to submission to ensure the candidate has not missed the target requirements and has provided the assessors with everything they need.  

  • This service is provided remotely so it is in our world wide portfolio and we will generally spend a couple of hours reviewing your documents and noting elements of the documentation that could improve.  

  • This is then communicated back to the candidate in the form of a live discussion and report.

  • The documentreview identifies pitfalls and suggest remedies which can be acted upon immediately.  


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Revision Workshop  (Limited Space)  (DeLever Crowd Funding)

  • We provide revision workshops a few weeks prior to submitting your final assessment documentation to RICS.

  • A revision workshop is an opprtunity to focus on and discuss technical core and optional competencies.

  • We also review the final stages of the Assessment process and mock interviews.

  • Bring your submission documents with you and we'll discuss them with you during the workshop.

  • Facilitated by DeLever APC Expert Coaches we are able to provide an independent review of what the APC Assessors are looking for.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Mock interviews

  • Mock interviews are probably one of the most important things a candidate can do.

  • We provide mocks in the last few weeks leading up to your Final Assessment.  

  • We provide a full hour mock interview just like the real assessment and set up in the same manner and environment as the real final assessment interview.  You are expected to attend at a set time and location.

  • Our mocks are as authentic as the real thing.  You will probably feel your nerves building just thinking about it.  But, that is a good thing.  

  • Get it wrong at one of our mocks and ACE it on the day at the real assessment.  

  • We provide two of our Expert Coach Assessors who are all active APC assessors and guarantee that at least one of them will be specific to your pathway.  

  • We also provide 15 minutes of instant feedback after the interview hour has been delivered.

  • We record your mock interview and send you a copy of the film a few days later.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC iSpy Assessment Questions Report  (Limited Availability)

  • This is a fantastic piece of innovation from one of our APC Expert Coaches, Kate Taylor FRICS (see  It is one thing to prepare for what you think may come up in your real final assessment, but what if we could give you a massive head start and have an APC Expert Coach review your actual submitted final assessment documents and produce a list of questions unique to your submission and giving you a report that lays out every question they would consider asking you if they were actually assessing you.  

  • This service is only available due to the many years assessing each of our APC Expert Coaches have delivered.

  • We have received feedback that at least 70% of the questions we identify in the APC iSpy Report are coming up at the final assessment which provides a massive opportunity and head start for you as you prepare for your assessment.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

APC Q&A Practice  

  • So, you’ve done a mock interview and prepared for months but you are still finding the final assessment a daunting task?  

  • Well, for you and everyone else as it is a big mountain to climb and rightly so because of what you are achieving.  

  • We find the most common mistakes candidates are making is with regard to listening to and answering questions

  • So, why not spend some time with one of our Expert APC coaches practicing listening and answering in a safe and relaxed environment and give yourself the opportunity to walk into the real final assessment ready and well prepared.


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

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APC Conference

  • DeLever brings a host of APC experts to you for a whole days training.  Facilitating mini seminars on each step of your APC Journey, breakout Pathway sessions and a walk through the Final Assessment Interview. Some really useful FREE resources too!


  • We are Crowd Funding this event and working closely with you to get the best quality APC training available at a fantastic price...  


Interested in this service?  Just ask!

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