Jon Lever FRICS

DeLever - Managing Director

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Expert APC Coaching...

Jon Lever FRICS is the Managing Director of DeLever, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and an APC expert.  He has over 20 years experience in the APC process and has provided training and support services to blue chip corporates and individual candidates alike.  


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Jon understands the APC process completely and has worked closely with RICS over the last 15 years in the development and delivery of the APC process.  Jon writes all DeLever APC Process training and hand picks the consultants who work with DeLever to provide pathway and competency specific support.  We know that his attention to detail and inability to give less than 100% to anything  makes DeLever the best provider of APC support in the world.


Here are a few things Jon is involved in:

  • Professional, enthusiastic, motivational speaker

  • DeLever UK APC Training

  • BWA DeLever Middle East APC Training

  • SCSI Republic of Ireland APC Training

  • SCSI Republic of Ireland APC Training

  • RICS UK Licenced APC Assessor Trainer (6,000+ Trained)

  • RICS UK Licenced Associate Assessor Trainer

  • RICS UK APC Assessor Auditor trainer

  • RICS Regulatory Board member (2007 to 2011)

  • RICS Ethics Sub-Committee member (2011 to 2014)

  • RICS Governing Council member (2015 to 2019)

  • RICS Training Advisor East & East Midlands

  • RICS APC Chairman of Assessors

  • RICS matrics and RICS Conference speaker

  • RICS Training: Consultant Trainer

Services provided:

  • Quantity Surveying and Construction

  • APC Process training - Candidates, Supervisor & Counsellor & Employer trainer

  • DeLever myAPC Diary Developer

  • DeLever APC Corporate client coach

  • DeLever APC Final Assessment revision workshop trainer

  • DeLever APC Seminars and online Masterclass trainer

  • DeLever APC Forum speaker

  • DeLever APC Mock interviews

  • DeLever APC Mandatory Competency trainer

  • DeLever  - RICS Rules of Conduct trainer

  • DeLever  - RICS Global Ethical Standards trainer


Per hour


+44 (0) 1234 780 142

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