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APC iSpy

Do you know what you are going to be asked

at your APC Final Assessment Interview?


We can help provide you with an opportunity

to have your submitted final assessment documents reviewed by one of our Pathway specific APC Expert Coaches (all active APC Assessors) and a full list of final assessment questions, relevant to your unique submission, that the Assessor would expect to ask you.


Feedback from those who have used this service that in practice we are, on average, highlighting at least 70% of the questions that come in their real final assessment.

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Please Note 

This service is ONLY available at certain times of the year.

How to book your APC iSpy Q&A Report - £297 excl fees and vat

An APC iSpy service Includes:

  • 3.5hrs Remote review

  • Creation of a full list of APC Final Assessment Questions, unique to your personal APC submission

Further coaching is available should you wish to engage your APC Expert Coach further.  

Click here for full details about our coaching

The booking process is very straight forward.  We have mapped it out for you below.


Unsure about anything?  Just Ask!

1. Contact Us & Request an APC iSpy

Complete our online booking form to request a document review.  Pay a deposit of £65 (excl fees and vat).  We will then put you in touch with one of our APC Expert Coaches.

Available ONLY

Land & Property - 1 Mar to 1 May &

1 Sept to 1 Nov

Built Environment - 1 Apr to 1 Jun & 1 Oct to 1 Dec

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2. Contact with an APC Expert Coach

You contact the APC Expert Coach, discuss the service delivery and email them your SUBMITTED version of your Final Assessment Documentation

The Coach will review your documents remotely and create the final assessment questions, unique to your submitted document and produce a report in the form of a bulleted list.

The APC Expert Coach will bill you for the additional £232 (excl fees and vat) and you will need to pay the bill before the Coach provides you with a copy of the APC iSpy report.

3. APC iSpy Completed.

If you feel you would benefit from further support from our APC Expert Coaches please feel free to discuss this directly with them under our APC Coaching Service


Unsure about anything? Just Ask!



Feedback from our APC Expert Coaches

  • We have received some very poor submission documents in the past that do not allow us  to carry out a proper APC iSpy service.  If this occurs our APC Expert Coach will be in touch to discuss this with you prior to undertaking any work as your funds may be better spent on 'assessment damage limitation' coaching.

  • Leve1 1 questions are going to be very similar as they are based upon knowledge base and there is only a finite amount.  Therefore please be aware if you and a colleague are using this service, across two different reports, the feedback on Level 1 may be similar.

  • We will ONLY provide an APC iSpy service on documentation that has been actually submitted to RICS for assessment.  If you have not yet done this we suggest you look at our submission document review service instead.


on Average


of Your Final Assessment Questions

Bookings open after submission
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