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We have over 20 APC Experts who are engaged in all aspects of the APC,  Over 200 Years of APC Experience,  Covering all of the APC routes and over 15 of the APC Pathways.  Mix that with a professional, friendly, approachable and high quality service and everything you need is right here at your finger tips...   Click any of the boxes below to find out more...  

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APC Routes we support 

(Old route names in brackets)

  • APC 24 (Grad 1)

  • APC 12 (Grad 2)

  • APC Preliminary (PER)

  • APC Other 10yr (Grad 3)

  • Senior Professional (SPR)


Also anyone undertaking the Associate Route

(AssocRICS the RICS's Non-Chartered Route)


Unsure about anything? Just ask!

Supported Routes & Pathways (Click here to see your APC Journey map)

APC Pathways we DO support

  • Building control

  • Building surveying

  • Built infrastructure

  • Commercial property practice

  • Environment

  • Facilities management

  • Management consultancy

  • Planning and development

  • Project management

  • Property finance and investment

  • Quantity surveying and construction

  • Residential

  • Rural

  • Valuation


APC Pathways we DON'T support

  • Arts and antiques

  • Geomatics (including hydrographic)

  • Minerals and waste management

  • Research

  • Taxation allowances

  • Valuation of businesses and intangible assets


If your Pathway is not supported, please don't walk away as we provide loads of process and cross pathway support. Get in touch and we may just know someone who can help you.


Unsure about anything? Just ask!

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(Average published pass rate across all pathways is 65%)

Revision Workshops

Pathway focused competency revision day

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Demystifying your APC Journey in a day

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Mock Interviews

Just like the REAL assessment!

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DeLever Charity and Local Team Sport Support


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