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DeLever APC Forum

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our FREE APC Forum gives ANYONE involved in the APC process an opportunity to attend a monthly  online webinar with other candidates and APC Expert Jon Lever FRICS.


If you cannot make the live Masterclasses we provide a

'Recordings' section instead, which can be streamed at a time

to suit busy schedules or if you prefer to learn in a different manner... Click here for full details

Masterclass Recordings

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Why not watch the APC and the Quantity Surveyor Masterclass

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Choose and Join your Masterclass Topic group, in the DeLever network.  Engage in the APC community.  Chat with other APC candidates in real-time and when enough people show interest in the Masterclass groups we'll deliver the Online Masterclass.

FREE APC Forum Online

Facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS


Friday 31th August 2018 @ 12 noon 


Topic for short presentation: TBC

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