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Crowd Funding

Where YOU set the price!

APC training and support at a fantastic

price, wherever you are in the world...

Another great APC innovation, seen here first, from DeLever  


We are adopting the simple notion that the more of you who register for FREE with our Crowd Funding the better value we can offer you for our selected Crowd Funded events.  


This offer is for you and anyone else anywhere in the world who wish to take advantage of DeLever's world wide brand and vast knowledge and exerience in APC Learning and Development.  


Crowd Funding Engagement = Achieving Quality & Best Value


Note: You MUST register (for FREE) to be eligible for the Crowd Funded DISCOUNT RATES achieved...


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Current Crowd Funded Events... click?

Conference 250c Masterclass 250c Revision Workshop 250c

How does DeLever Crowd Funding Achieve Best Value?

DeLever APC Crowd Funding  © DeLever 2018 and genuinely created and developed by Jon Lever FRICS - Managing Director DeLever.

How Does The DeLever Crowd Funding System Work?


Ahaaa, that's easy...


Lets take Masterclasses as an example:


1. A Masterclass is a live online webinar event

2. We normally charge £35 excluding fees and vat per Masterclass

3. The DeLever Network Crowd Funding System simply offers you an opportunity to reduce the cost of a Masterclass through a crowd funding commitment... So, the more delegates that book, the cheaper the event becomes per delegate. Keep an eye on the LIVE STATUS Price Point on each Crowd Funding page

4. Our target / offer is to reduce the cost to potentially as little as £10 excluding fees and vat


This is where YOU (and all your contacts) come into the process 


5. You have to register your interest (for FREE) to get the lower price point offer

6. Therefore the more people you tell, engage with and inform of this fantastic opportunity the greater number will register and the more who register means our LIVE STATUS tables will be constantly updating and reducing the Masterclass price point for all who have registered

7. **IMPORTANT ** Remember non-registered delegates will have to pay the full Masterclass price (e.g. £35)

8. The achieved price point will be set about a week prior to the event delivery date

9. If you have registered you will then be contacted to make FULL PAYMENT, at the Price Point achieved, prior to attending the event.  Remember the Price Point tables show the number of registrations required to reduce the price

10. Also a FREEVIEW 24hour VIP pass (link) will be sent to all paying delegates after the LIVE event so that they may watch the recording for up to 24hours from the point they register the VIP pass link.  The link is normally valid for 14 days.

11. The recording will also be available to rent / stream after the event if you wish.  


NOTE: It is always be more beneficial to attend the live event but we understand that may be difficult on occasion or just maybe recordings better suit your learning style...


We hope that explains everything.  


Unsure about anything? Just ask!


Registering for a DeLever Crowd Funded event means you are committing to pay for the event and working with your contacts and us to reduce the cost of the event

for the benefit of all registering delegates.


Unsure? Just Ask!

Crowd Funding 250c

Crowd Funding

Be part of the solution 

Crowd Funding 250c

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Based upon registrations received for a crowd funded event the crowd funding event prices points are shown on each relevant event page.  


Simply the more registrations the lower the event price point


Prices are updated in Real-Time so bookmark the relevant page and come back regularly to check progress.  We will also post progress on the DeLever Network in the relevant groups.


Unsure about anything?  Just Ask!






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