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APC Coaching

DeLever APC Expert Coaches are Experienced RICS APC Chairs and Assessors, RICS UK Assessor / Chair Trainer, RICS APC Assessor Auditors and RICS Appeals Panel Members and available to provide expert one to one support for your APC Journey.


DeLever APC Expert Coaches are all specialists in their specific APC Pathway / field and we pride ourselves in the delivery of top quality APC coaching and support.  


Because APC coaching is a very personal experience we tailor our service specifically to your needs.


Before you agree to any APC coaching you can have a

FREE 15 minute consultation / phone chat with your potential DeLever APC Expert Coach.  The consultation will help our Expert Coach establish your needs and requirements and ensure you feel comfortable to be coached by them.


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How to book your coaching support - £95/hr excl fees and vat

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Services provided by DeLever Expert Coaches

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The booking process is very straight forward.  We have mapped it out for you below.


Unsure about anything? Just Ask!

1. Contact us to Request an Expert Coach

Complete our online registration form to request access to one of our APC Expert Coaches.  Complete our online Health Check form which will ask you all the questions we need regarding your APC history to date.

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2. Fifteen Minute Consultation

Once we have received your registration request we will send you contact details of our APC Expert Coach.  Please contact them directly to arrange an appointment for your 15 minute consultation. Our APC Expert Coaches are based around the country and utilise online and skype systems to support their coaching services.  If you wish to meet them face to face you may need to travel to them or may incur further costs.

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3. Booking Initial Coaching Time (Hrs)

Following your consultation you will need to book some coaching hours.  You will need to pay DeLever a deposit of £28.50/hr (excl fees and vat) for the coaching hours and the balance of £66.50/hr (excl fees and vat)will be invoiced to you direct by the APC Expert Coach.  All coaching fees must be paid for in advance of the Coach committing the time.


4. Booking Additional Coaching Time (Hrs)

If you need to book more coaching hours, simply repeat step 3 and book some more hours here and pay your deposit.


Repeat as necessary...

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5. Feedback

We always value your feedback.  Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you think of our Coaching service or how we may improve it.  We will from time to time contact you to see how things are going.

The range of Coaching Service available from our APC Expert Coaches

  • A friendly expert who completely understands what you are trying to achieve

  • A large network of APC Experts to draw upon and collectively over 200 years of experience

  • General one to one coaching explaining the APC and working through key APC milestones

  • APC Competency review and discussion

  • APC Case Study discussion and report review and feedback

  • APC Submission Documentation Review (click here for more details)

  • APC Final Assessment discussion and preparation

  • APCFinal Assessment presentation discussion & practice

  • APC Final Assessment question review (DeLever's APC iSpy Service click here for more details)

  • APC Competency Question and Answer practice sessions

  • APC Counsellor role (note: not all coaches provide this)

  • And much, much more...


Unsure about anything?  Just Ask!

Register for an APC Expert Coach Complete Our Online Health Check Book Your Coaching Hours Here Book Some More Coaching Hours Arrow1

Available Coaching Pathways

  • Binf - Built Infrastructure

  • BC - Building Control

  • BS - Building Surveying

  • CP - Commercial Property

  • FM - Facilities Management

  • MC - Management Consultancy

  • P&D - Planning & Development

  • PFI - Prop Finance & investment

  • PM - Project Management

  • QS&C - Quantity Surveying & Construction

  • RES - Residential

  • RP - Rural

  • VAL - Valuation

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All of our COACHING is CPD relevant.  It is, however, up to you if you think you have had a learning outcome then record it as FORMAL.  

If not then definitely INFORMAL.