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Free online discussion with Jon Lever FRICS on a current topic of interest and an open question and answer sessions on anything to do with the APC process.


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You will be emailed your log-in link a day or so before the forum.  After the forum you will be given access to a recording for a short period of time so that you can review the forum you attended.

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2hr APC Forum

Benefits of attending an APC Forum with Jon?

A chance to meet with Jon Lever FRICS in ‘cyberspace’ and ask him any APC questions you have

• Network with fellow APC candidates  

• Gain a better understanding through the questions of others – you may want to know the answer but may not have thought to ask the question!

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Please note: Due to technical difficulties the 19th July 2017 FREE APC Forum is postponed and being rescheduled.  We hope this has not inconvenienced you